Iciar 2nd place @ Trials Belgian Pro Series

Sunday was the third round of the Trials Belgian Pro Series in Kluisbergen. The site in Kluisbergen, where the European Championships took place in 2005 and where Iciar conquered the Belgian shirt, has both natural and artificial zones. Moreover, it is difficult for the participants to go through the height zones in the area of the forest. Iciar was the Belgian pride with a nice second place. This leaves Iciar standing 1st place in this regularity criterion (3rd in Malmedy, 1st in Bilstain, 2nd in Kluisbergen). 

Marat Grigorian at Glory World Series

Marat Grigorian VS Chingiz Allazov ends in a draw after unintentional injury on the head which caused the fight to end in the first round.


Watch highlights of the fight here.



BES-T chosen by Sands Beach to support Athletes

Everywhere you go on Lanzarote you’ll see people enjoying the island’s unique environment, whether they’re cycling its paths, surfing its seas or running its roads, and they all have something in common, they're keeping fit and feeling cool.

Lanzarote is rapidly becoming Europe’s number one sports destination, annually attracting people from across the globe to its sunshine shores.

BES-T official supplier of GRANVILLE 650B FACTORY TEAM

BES-T International will be official supplier of the moutainbike team GRANVILLE 650B FACTORY TEAM in. The concept is to discover, form and advise young talented racers in which long term is much more important then short term. The BES-T products will help each indiviual team member to achieve its best results. 

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