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LIPODRIFT is a powerful method of stimulating the body to tackle unwanted fat deposits, cellulite and skin laxity. The removal of excessive volumes enables the skin to tighten.

For the best results apply 2 x a day on the desired body part until the product is completely absorbed into the skin: 1) in the morning 2) before sleeping and extra) on training days 20 minutes before the activity.

Drift complex is based on:

Amino acid CARNITINE
Carnitine is an amino acid that fulfils an important role in the fat burning process. When fats are absorbed into the muscles from the bloodstream carnitine ensures that these fats are transported to the muscles cell’s energy producers (the mitochondria). The fat is broken down in the mitochondria to produce energy which enables muscle contractions. The combination of carnitine with sports and physical exercise is an excellent mix to boost the fat burning process.

Delipidol is a unique patented molecule that inhibits and reduces the growth of fats cells. A study with a placebo group has shown that the fat cells are reduced on average by 7.5%. This increases the muscle mass/fat ratio making you slimmer. Delipidol also contains anti-oxidant properties and reduces knots of fat. This makes Delipidol a highly effective treatment against cellulite. Clinical tests indicate that the skin quality improves by 2 degrees after a 54 day treatment.

Actisculpt is an active herbal mix that induces the production of cAMP, hereby increasing fat burning and reducing the reabsorption of fat by the fat cells. Scientific research shows that it tackles stubborn cellulite and strengthens the surface of the skin.

Caffeine, Guarana and Liquorice are plant extracts that enable fat mobilization and thus stimulate the fat burning process.

Lipodrift provides the best effects when included as part of a balanced program including exercise and a healthy diet. The product should be consumed daily and consequently applied to the same treatment zones for an optimal result. The product should be used continuously to achieve a long lasting solution to cellulite.